Viticast Privacy Policy

  1. About this Policy

Viticast provides a streaming service which is personalized through the collection of streaming habits and other personal data. We value the privacy and security of your data, and this policy explains the practices we use regarding the collection, use, and sharing of certain data, including personal information, in connection with the Viticast service, as well as the control and choices you have.

This is a policy agreed to by you, and by Viticast LLC. For questions about this policy or the use of your data, please refer to the Contact section at the bottom of this page or in the Support section of our website. Note that we may need to authenticate your identity prior to such support.

  1. Rights and Preferences

Some collection and use of your data is necessary for operation and use of the Viticast service, but you have rights to certain choices and control regarding the collection and use of your data, as listed below:

  • Right to access what information we process about you;
  • Right to request amendment (such as updating data), erasure (deletion), or temporary restriction of the processing of your data; and
  • Right to object to use of your data for personalized or direct marketing purposes.

Resources are made available to you for exercising these rights, as listed below:

  • The Terms of Use, defining what you agree upon when signing up and during use of the Viticast service;
  • Privacy and Notification Settings, which are accessed in the Account page of the website;
  • Cookies Policy, which details our use of cookies which may use your data; and
  • Customer support, accessible in the Support page of the website.

Please note that you agree to this Policy in full, and if you disagree with any portion of this Policy, you reserve the right to discontinue use of the Viticast service.

  1. Collection of Personal Data

Below are the details of what data we collect, whether provided by you (i.e. during signup), or by automation (i.e. cookies and usage).

3.1 User Data

This data is collected at the time of signup, in order to create an account and use the Viticast service. This may include such data as your username, email address, phone number, birth date, gender, street address, and country. We may also collect your payment method if you sign up with a paid subscription plan.

The information we collect may vary depending on the subscription plan you choose, or whether you provide additional information to personalize your streaming experience and account.

If you use a third party service to create an account, we will receive the personal data you have consented to share via that service.

3.2 Usage Data

This data is collected as you use the Viticast service, as listed below:

  • Subscription plan type;
  • Interactions with and activity within the Viticast service, such as search queries, streaming history, ratings, and browsing history;
  • Interactions with our emails, notifications, and other direct contact
  • Inferences drawn about your interests based on usage;
  • Technical data, such as URL information, online identifiers (i.e. cookies or IP addresses), device information (i.e. unique device identifiers, network connection type, browser type, language, operating system or Viticast app version); and
  • Derivative or inferred non-precise location from certain technical data, for use in compliance with geographic requirements of licensing agreements and personalized advertising and content.


3.3 Payment and Purchase Data

This data is provided by you if you choose to sign up for a Trial or a paid subscription plan. This may include (depending on payment method) your name, birth date, credit or debit card information (card type, expiration date, and certain digits of card number), postal code, phone number, and purchase and payment history.

3.4 Forms and Feedback

This data is collected as provided by you if you choose to complete any forms, provide feedback, or respond to a survey.

3.5 Third Party Sources

This data is collected from third party sources, and may vary, but such sources include:

  • Authentication partners, which allow third party sign up for the Viticast service;
  • Technical service partners, which to allow us to provide the Viticast service;
  • Payment partners, which allow us to process payment and provide invoices and payment history; and
  • Advertising partners, which allow us to personalize your account and streaming experience.


  1. Use of Personal Data

Most of the data we collect is necessary to provide you with the Viticast service (“Legitimate Interest”), performance of a contract (with you or third party sources), or compliance with legal obligations. Such uses of information for these reasons are as listed below:

  • Providing the Viticast service;
  • Understanding, diagnosing, and fixing issues with the Viticast service;
  • Developing new features, technologies, and improvements to the Viticast service;
  • Certain marketing, promotions, and advertising;
  • Complying with legal obligations and law enforcement requests;
  • Fulfilling contractual obligations with third parties;
  • Establishing, exercising or defending legal claims;
  • Conducting business planning, reporting, and forecasting;
  • Processing payment;
  • Detecting fraud; and
  • Conducting research, surveys, and other opportunities for you to provide feedback.

Certain data requires your consent to collect. You consent to this collection by your agreement to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, and what you additionally choose to provide. Such uses of information for these reasons are as listed below:

  • Providing and personalizing the Viticast service;
  • Developing new features, technologies, and improvements to the Viticast service;
  • Certain marketing, promotions, and advertising; and
  • Conducting research, surveys, and other opportunities for you to provide  feedback.

Please refer to the sources provided in Section 3 if you have additional or specific questions about what data we use for which purpose.

  1. Sharing of Personal Data

We do not share the personal data we collect with anyone, except as needed by use of certain third party services necessary to facilitate certain operations, as defined in Section 4. Who we share such data is as listed below:

  • Service providers may require certain data to provide customer support, operate the technical infrastructure necessary to provide the Viticast service, protect and secure our systems and services, and market Viticast or its partners products or services;
  • Payment processors may require certain data to process your payment;
  • Advertising partners may require certain data to personalize and deliver ads and promotions to you;
  • Law enforcement may request certain data which would be provided by us in good faith in order to comply with applicable law; and
  • Purchasers of our business may receive your personal data upon that purchase, at which point you may become subject to a new privacy policy provided by the purchaser.


  1. Data Retention and Deletion

We do not keep your personal data longer than is necessary for essential and legitimate business purposes, including providing the Viticast service, resolving disputes, complying with legal obligations, and making data-driven business decisions.

Unless legally obligated to do so, we will delete upon your request any identifying personal data. Such legal obligations may include resolving issues such as:

  • Outstanding credit or claims associated with your account;
  • Legal, tax, audit, or accounting obligations; and
  • Fraud prevention and security maintenance.
  1. Access to your Account and Profile

You may choose to use the “Remember Me” function when logging in to the Viticast website or app, which uses technology that allows us to provide you direct access to your account without reentry of a password or identification when you revisit the Viticast service.

If you allow other persons access to your account, they will have access to your personal information exactly as you do, even with the use of the Profiles feature. If you sign into your account on a foreign device, it may remain logged in until you log out of that device.

All persons with access to your account, including those who have a Profile within your account have the same access as you do, including the amendment or erasure of data, including Profiles. It is entirely your responsibility to manage your account.

  1. Security

We use reasonable measures to safeguard your information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access, use, and modification. While these measures are designed to provide security appropriate to the risks of processing your personal data, no measures  can be guaranteed to provide 100% security. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information.

  1. Children

As defined in the Terms of use, the Viticast is not provided to persons under the age of 18 years. We do not knowingly collect personal data from those under this age limit. If we learn we have collected personal data from persons under this age limit, we will take all necessary steps to delete that data, including possible deletion of the associated account.

If you are under the age of 18 years, please do not use the Viticast service without parental consent or provide any personal data to us.

  1. Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this policy, and will provide notification of such changes as appropriate (i.e. email or device notification). Please note you agree to these changes and the updated Policy whether you have read them or not.

  1. Contact

You may contact us with any questions about this Policy by using the Support page on the website or emailing us at

Last Updated: June 7, 2021