About Viticast

Viticast is a place for listeners to binge listen to their favorite episodes anywhere their ears desire. Viticast is so named after the word "viticulture" which is the study and practice of cultivating grape vines usually for winemaking. Viticast's goal is to house, publish, and produce content that will only age like fine wine, because we believe the listeners deserve the best for their ears and imagination. Viticast hopes to meet this goal by delivering quality content on an easy to use digital stage allowing listeners to escape their world through sound. The Greek God of wine, Dionysus, was also the god of theatre and fertility. With that -- may everything we love grow.
- Kevin Clark, CEO of Viticast

The Team


Hey everyone! You can call me Kevin and hopefully one day you can call me friend. I am the CEO of Viticast. I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing with my Great Pyrenees puppy, hiking, physical and mental self-love, eating crayons, and helping those who are less fortunate than I am. I came up with the idea of Viticast when I was 10 years old watching PBS with younger siblings. There was an episode where a blind girl had to explain to her friends that blind people enjoyed movies too. She said, “I don’t need eyes for the movie. I let my imagination tell the story.” Other forms of motives did come into play such as being a first generation Asian American. As an Asian American, I didn’t have a lot of heroes that looked like me appear on the silver screen. The ones that did appear only created stereotypes for Asian Americans. My reason why I believe in Viticast so much is because I believe everyone, regardless of their medical and ethnical background, should be able to listen to a story and imagine themselves as the hero. Please tune in to stay tuned! Cheers.


Hello! I’ll start off by saying It’s an honor to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience. I’m Paul, CTO & co-founder of Viticast. I’m from Tennessee.  I enjoy playing video games, spending time with loved ones, and watching movies.  I helped create and manage the website you’re currently on right now. Being a part of it was very challenging, and a great way to challenge myself. I hope you enjoy checking us out and it was nice getting to know you. 


Hi! I’m Payton, lead sound engineer and co-founder of Viticast. I’ve been dedicated my life since a young age to studying music and sound. In the words of Beethoven, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and sound”. Music is what captivates the heart with inexplicable ability. Whether witnessing a powerful orchestra cinematic or singing in your car late at night, the emotional pull music and sound brings always leaves a defining mark in your life. It is an absolute joy to be able to participate in the creation of what I hope will be lasting moments in someone’s life, just from listening.